Friday, October 1, 2010

ENEMY LOGIC - "Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" CD Review

Just like those Diet Coke ads, I will proudly raise my hand and state that "I like modern metalcore!"  Even as a straight up hardcore kid, I can't help but appreciate good music like this. When it is heavy, dark, technical and groovy all at the same time, then I actually can't help but do windmills in my bedroom and maybe even break something I don't need.
Enemy Logic come from Ireland and play a good mix of modern melodic deathcore metal, with some strong hardcore and avant garde metal influences. This is proper European metalcore, true to its roots, with a good measure of technicality but at the same time passionate and quite extreme. The guys in the band must be long-time extreme music fans themselves, because there are so many different elements in their sound that I can't even begin to make references and draw comparisons. But if there need be, think of Swedish death metal stuff (or New Wave of American Metalcore, it's the same) with more hardcore and more new wave!

I've been playing this record at home while doing stuff and after a few listens it started growing on me big time. Maybe it needs 2 or 3 listens to get into it and realize it is better than your average metalcore shooting for the mainstream. The reason for the above is that Enemy Logic has guts and busts out solid compositions that stick to your head. It's good thinking music, too, as it  dwells in dark and complex landscapes, but it is also linear and consistent throughout the whole album. If these guys make it to a bigger audience, they are definitely worth it.

And by the way... that song Dual Diagnosis, must be one of the best, catchiest, grooviest shit I've heard in a while in metal!

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