Friday, May 10, 2013

DEPENDENCY - "Love not Wasted" Review (Blood & Ink Records)

Genre: Hardcore-Rock / Spirit Filled HC
Location: Nashville, US
Label: Blood & Ink
Band Website: Facebook

Blood & Ink Records' DEPENDENCY have returned with an awesome record that takes things to a whole new level. These guys have managed to create some deep, subtle and thought-provoking hardcore, based on nothing but the basic (or, the best) ingredients.

Doing things with a direct and even minimalist mindset, DEPENDENCY deliver song after song with utter conviction and a sort of refined simplicity that can't just can't go unnoticed. The outcome is a piece of music that sounds incredibly r e a l , and rightfully transports you in the world of five honest guys who express themselves playing the music they love.

In Love not Wasted, you wont find the familiar and overused verse/chorus/breakdown patterns; nevertheless, you do get some super-clever guitar structures building on the tightest imaginable rhythm section, with heartfelt lyrics shouted (but not screamed) in intensifying, desperate and at the same time inspiring hardcore style.

I also want to make an extra mention in relation to the production sound, which is kind of rough around the edges, but in a very intended manner. This is the way to go. Every instrument has its own unique space here, and is allowed to breathe and deliver its own message, contributing to the overall outcome.

I'm stoked on music like this coming out from Blood & Ink. The label keeps adding diverse artists to its roster, but without departing from its hardcore (and spirit-filled!) ethos. This is so much compared to what other labels seem to do, which is just cashing out on the flavor of the day.

Koji, Turnover, Ivy League, Have Mercy

For those of you who might be in the mood for something more chill; these are some qulity artists you should check out. Good music brought to you by 6131 and No Sleep Records.

Monday, April 29, 2013

SERPENT"S TONGUE - "Desolation" Review

Bam! When you least expect it, it always hits you! Like on this occasion, I initially didn't know what to expect from this rabid moshing pitbull hailing from Indiana, US. Judging from the cover, I thought, this could be anything from sludge to metalcore but actually it was brutal metallic hardcore that crushes bones with 1,000 tons of aural heaviness!

SERPENT'S TONGUE take some cues from the all-hailed INTEGRITY sound, while bringing it to new extremes. Let me tell you, these guys have thoroughly researched their sound. They have hardcore in their veins, but also know how to mix it well with some dark and heavy as hell metal. And by that I mean real, bad-ass fucking metal. When they go slow, they go ALL SLOW, and with that compact low sound they manage to groove like very few bands can.

Yes -- these guys are definitely dark, but also have the grove that takes you through every song pleasantly and makes you want to mosh your ass off. If you like dark European hardcore like only the best do it (AYS, Goldrush, or even  older stuff like Arkangel and Congress) then you must definitely check this out! It is bleak, mysterious, brutal and groovy, or in other words: just perfect. This band slays and you don't want to be left behind...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

FUCKING INVINCIBLE - fast hardcore from Rhode Island, US

Today's post shall be brief and straight to the point, much like the music of FUCKING INCREDIBLE. This band delivers a super tight energy which combines a classic hardcore sound with some insane fastcore blastbeats. I don't know (and actually don't care) if this should be called powerviolence and whatnot, but I do  know it's GOOD! Featuring members of Sould Control and Drop Dead!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tad Peyton: Old School Hardcore Tattoos

I recently realized that there haven't been many tattoo posts as of late here. Nevertheless, tattoos are and have been one of my big interests in life, and I am always researching the history of tattooing and looking to find out about cool artists around the globe. Tattoos are so close to hardcore, such a big part of it. I have often tried to find out the connection between the two and what has made tattoos and hardcore blend so well, but I'll leave that to someone else. All I know is I love both. So now it's time to check out some cool tattoo art and spread the word on the artists who deserve it...

One great artist that I've recently found out about is Tad Peyton. This guy tends to create some super clean & bright, traditional old school images.What's more is that Peyton has a soft spot for creating hardcore-related tattoo themes; his art has been featured on hardcore merch and posters (Out Crowd, United Blood Fest '13), while he's also making tatoo flash that focuses on common hardcore and street punk themes/songs. What could be more amazing than a straight edge tattooist paying respect to his favorite hardcore bands? Yup, this shit is as good as it gets.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NEVER-TRUST: Bomb the Fucking System!

BAND: Never-Trust
RECORDING: "Bomb Da System" EP
STYLE: Metallic Thrash/Thrashcore
LOCATION: Athens. Greece
Label: Self Released
Website: FB // Youtube

Hell yes! One of my favorite things is the hellish mix of metallic thrash and groovy, no-frills hardcore. I am not talking about no party-thrash punkers who copycat Suicidal, early Slayer and DRI; and I am definitely NOT talking about those brutal hardcore bands who incorporate 1 thrash riff whenever they think it's the cool thing to do.

What I am talking about is bands like Never-Trust, who can write some mean fucking riffs all the way through, and bring the pure thrash aggression with a "straight from the heart" hardcore touch. Ouch! These Athenian badasses pack a ton of mosh but don't forget to kick it with some pure breakneck thrash speed. On the other side, they are not afraid to make a solid hardcore song, but are always careful to pack it with a certain metal/thrash coating. It's up to you to find out which is their style exactly, but one thing's for sure: they know how to do what they do.

From what I know, these fellas have changed singers recently, which - judging from a live performance I saw them at recently - can be a good thing. The guy on this recording has a nice growl but doesn't totally have that "extra something" compared to the many hardcore/metal singers of today. What Never-Trust need is a frontman whose voice and style can really match the sheer intensity and streetwise aggression that their music already produces. However, I am sure they are now on the right track with this!

Keep an eye out for this up & coming thrashcore machine because they're gonna hit u hard!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moment of Truth fanzine - Issue #1

In my head, "Moment of Truth" is a song by Madball (off the Look My Way album), and now it is also a new hardcore fanzine ran by Ricky of Backtrack. I figured since Backtrack is pretty awesome, it would be a good idea to get my hands on this zine, so I didn't hesitate to buy it when I saw it advertised by WAK (our local Greek HC/punk distro).

So this small zine (A5 size, 36 pages, full color, glossy paper) falls in the category of "true" hardcore zines -- yup, just the type we like! There are many crust and hardcore/punk zines of the leftist category which is fine by me, but then again it's also pretty awesome to have some hardcore zines that are just about the 'core, the mosh and the good times. And that's exactly what Moment of Truth is about.

In this first issue, there are interviews with Terror axeman Jordan Posner, Take Offense, Xibalba, Freddy Madball explaining lyrics to a couple of Madball songs, King Nine and a small tour report written by Surburban Scum's Karebear. Awesome shit! Even though the interviews are kinda short and don't really go in depth, I am sure this is something that can be covered on the next issue. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Karebear's tour report, which is full of stories about moshing, partying, fattening food and general mischief. That's the way to go people! It totally put me in the right mood for living and appreciating this hardcore lifestyle.

Yeah.. I totally recommend this zine to fans of tough, no-frills hardcore and the bands mentioned above. We need to support moves like this coming from this particular scene, cause otherwise the zines won't be made and PC punks everywhere will still blame hardcore kids for being... "bullheads", even though that might be the case. Now bust!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Modern Life is War: back on the map!

Even though I am not the biggest fan of reunions or comebacks, I guess this is kinda big news for the hardcore scene as Modern Life is War is a band kids truly fucking love. Also, I can't lie about how much I like the whole look and feel of this newspiece sent to us by B9 (I dig the punky black & white aesthetic), so there you have it. Enjoy the upcoming album!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

REACT! Records: A New Generation Takes Over

React! Records must be one of the top hardcore labels out there. And that's not just because they put out awesome music; it's also a label that has supported hardcore as a positive way of life, bringing good music and strong values to hardcore kids worldwide through its releases.

Each band on React!'s roster displays its own unique style, which is more than we could ask for in today's hardcore scene. The straight edge factor has always been part of React!, but in a positive and all-inclusive way, which is awesome. When it comes down to it, React! has just been putting out records that aim to bring positive change, which is essentially what makes hardcore great in the first place.

I was kind of surprised to learn that React! main man Aram Arslanian (Champion, the First Step, Betrayed) is passing the label over to new people. Even though the label will continue in the hands of new people who live and breathe hardcore, it's still something I would not expect. I guess that all good things make their full circle and then it's time to move on. Read below to find out Aram's farewell on the React! website...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eden Demise - "Retaliation" (Official Video)

WEBSITE: Facebook
So you must already know that Greece has a long history in brutal, metallic hardcore! No matter the trends of today (full of PC and fake DIY mentalities), I also remember the days that hardcore kids weren't afraid of mosh parts and bands with harder attitudes. Oh well..

One of the bands that did not stray from their own path is Eden Demise. These guys stuck with the heavy metallic 'core, and I guess now that this sound is coming back everywhere (with bands like Warhound, Xibalba, Incendiary etc), these guys are the lucky ones.

Eden Demise recently released a video from their upcoming album. What we have here a video of clean "in your face", just as it happens in the streets of Athens every day. I have to add that for me Eden Demise has taken that big step up musically, making a new sound of their own which incorporates modern beatdown and extreme metal (i.e. prog deathcore, black metal) ingredients... The band had their bassist move to guitar duties recently, and that is the wisest choice they could have made, since the dude can churn out stompy riffs like a motherfucker. You gotta hear it to believe it!

Now check this video and don't forget to RETALIATE!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Providence (Paris Hardcore) on Eulogy Records


If you are into heavy hardcore, there are good chances you know Providence. This French Powerhouse brings it with some of the heaviest imaginable grooves on the planet. We are talking about a dose of 100% brutal hardcore with a cold urban attitude.. which is nothing but perfect in our book!

The Parisian bruisers are now signed on Eulogy Records' roster (Walls of Jericho, Shattered Realm, xTyrantx, Donnybrook & much more!). I think it's just great to see European HC bands crossing the barrier and get signed by bigger US labels. This type of support from the US will helo make hardcore a bigger, more tight-knit transatlantic family!

p.s. Note the One Two Six tshirt on the right? Take note because this is Greece's fast-rising hardcore clothing line!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Good news for all you kids into brutal and beatdown hardcore!

I Love Mosh, one of the most active and popular hardcore download blogs around, has just issued a comp filled with 40 (!) songs of heavy-ass, brutal/beatdown hardcore! Some bands are already established names in the HC scene, but you will also get into a lot of new stuff thru this comp. The production level stays pretty good all the way through,which very vital for underground moves like this!

The comp also contains two songs from two of Greece's best hardcore bands: Senseless and Overpain!

Now go over to I Love Mosh's bandcamp page and heck that shit out!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hey! Today I am excited to bring you an interview with an amazing heavy hardcore band from Germany. This band is no other than Blood by Days and I strongly recommend you check 'em out. They can bring both the mosh and those catchy choruses that stick to your head, as well as some bad ass rap that will have you jumping up and down in no time. Their amazing new album is called As Thick as Thieves and it is out NOW! Get into it!

1. Hey Mo! Thanks a lot for this interview. Please introduce the band to TxYxS readers. What have you done so far and what is the reason behind creating Blood By Days?

Hey dude, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Well, we are just a couple of guys from Siegen/Germany who back in 2003 started this band to play some straight up Hardcore. We are friends for a long time and we just wanted to write music, to play shows and to have a good time. We did a lot of shows, some demos and EP’s throughout the years and now we finally managed to set up a full length record.

2. How do you describe your sound? I sense  a little bit of progression (within hardcore parameters of course) from the last stuff. Is that correct?

Yeah, I think so. We really focused on the songwriting this time. There are a lot more details in the songs. We tried some experiments and I think our sound has a lot more facets than on the older releases. It’s still Hardcore after all, that’s the foundation. But we mixed in a lot of Rap, Metal and a lot of catchy melodies.

3. What type of music do you listen at home? I mean hardcore and non-hardcore.. I hear some hip hop, some rock n roll in your sound.. and of course a lot of beatdown! Tell us about your influences.

Personally I listen to a lot of old Metal and Punk-Rock, 80’s and 90’s Hardcore, Sludge, Rap… everything. Everyone in BBD has got his favourites but musically we are a really open-minded band. We don’t try to cage ourselves in the Hardcore genre. Of course, this scene and this music is where we are based, where we have friends and we feel a strong connection to that culture. But we try to mix in all the influences we have. We don’t want to be a stereotype band with a stereotype sound.

4. What is the BBD crew? Don't you think that hardcore used to be a lot more about crews and brotherhood? Are HC crews still alive in Germany and what has changed since the old days?

Actually there really is no such thing as a “BBD Crew” haha. If we talk about this we just mean all our close friends, all the dudes we hang out with at shows and everyone who supports us. I think there still are a lot of crews today. Two of us are part of the BTL Crew, for example. I am not a crew member at all, but I really respect that whole “crew thing” here in Germany. It’s good to see that those guys team up and try to keep the scene alive. I can’t really tell if it’s different from the past. I have a lot of friends and dedicated guys here and I see a lot of ignorant and dumb people – no matter if they are crew members or not.

5. I will ask this because I heard some rapping on your record. Germany seems to have a lot of really badass hip hop, with some rappers looking like hardcore kids wearing hardcore bands' t shirts. Can you let us know more about the hardcore-rap scenes affiliation?

I’m not really connected to that whole HipHop thing and Blood By Days in general is just a Hardcore band and we don’t have any HipHop roots or something like that. I like Rap music, of course. But I’ve always been a straight up Hardcore, Metal and Punk kid. At some point we started to mix a lot of Rap into our sound and it became some kind of trademark. That’s all. And depending all that Hardcore/HipHop crossover stuff in Germany: I think a lot of it really sucks. I won’t drop any names and that’s just my opinion. I just don’t like that whole gangster-rap attitude in Hardcore. I think it's difficult for people outside Germany to understand the difference, because they don't understand the german lyrics. And some acts only have those crappy and fake gangster lyrics about beating up people and shit. No meaning, no passion. We always mixed in Rap vocals, but we always tried to have a message! I love to see when people try to mix different influences, but I hate to see, when they do it with no heart and just because it’s some kind of trend.

6. "As Thick as Thieves" is the name of the new album -- what does it stand for? Also, can you tell us a few things about the lyrics? I liked the combination of aggressive attitude with lyrics about friendship and integrity!

The title stands for being close to each other. As a band, as friends, as a scene, however you wanna see it. We thought this was a good choice for an album title. The lyrics on the record are very personal. They are about friendship, about relations in general, about passion, loss, fear, hope, anger - about the things we love and the things we hate. After all the message is about not losing sight, holding on to the people you love and about self reflection. Some of the lyrics on this album really mean a lot to me.

7. How has hardcore shaped your life? Do you think you will be still involved  in 10 years' time?

For about 11 years this music and scene is an important part of my life. I met a lot of close friends throughout the years because of Hardcore. I still love going to shows, I still do shows with a friend of mine and I love to be on the road with the guys. There are so much memories connected to this scene. And I know that some things will change, I won’t visit as many shows as I do today, we won’t play with Blood By Days forever.. But this whole thing is dear to my heart and I’m pretty certain not to turn my back on it.

8. What do you think is fake about hardcore 2013? What would you like to see change?

There are a lot of kids who just pretend to be into it because Hardcore became some kind of trend. But every scene has these “problems”. As I said before, there are ignorant and fake people and there are dedicated people, this won’t change. All we can do is support real bands, real bookers, real labels and everyone who is really into it.

9. How are you promoting the new album? Do you have any plans for 2013 with BBD?

Of course, we try to do a lot of interviews and to promote the CD on blogs and zines. We also will be playing shows – maybe even a tour, we’ll see!

10. Any good bands we should check out, or other good stuff you're into and want to share with the world?

Check out our brothers in Ablaze & Reborn To Conquer if you’re into blackened Hardcore/Metal and if someone does not know Siegen’s infamous Embraced By Hatred, go check them out, too. There are a lot of cool bands today, just keep your eyes open!

11. OK, that's all for now! Thanks for making a killer album with tons of attitude! Give the people who read this a good reason to check out BdD and close the interview in any way you want.
Thanks for the interview and thanks for the nice words, man! Good luck with your zine! Everyone who is interested in how BBD sounds today check out YouTube for songs from the “As Thick As Thieves” album, visit and give us a like on . Last words?! Go to as many shows as possible, support both your local scene and other bands, be open minded to other styles of music, be passionate and dedicated about this scene and don’t tolerate fake and ignorant people or fascism in any way!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Brothers in Arms - "Invictus"

ALBUM: INVICTUS (debut, full length)

Bad-ass heavy hardcore is what Brothers in Arm deliver, and they do it extremely  well. With a ton of furious energy and a super-aggressive outlook, you can tell these guys don't f*ck about.

I love this band cause it preserves all the classic elements that make hardcore my favortite thing in the world: from the old school sound to the growled vocals, from the 'hood aesthetic to the urban message of brotherhood. I love it all. This IS European hardcore 20-13 , so get into it!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Price to Pay - Free (self-titled) EP download

ALBUM: S/T (2012)

Price to Pay from Holland brings tha ruckus with some VERY heavy, grooving hardcore. Metallic but simple and straight to the point, Price to Pay know how to get the job done!!

The band places a lot of focus on doing things DIY (from the recording to the album artwork), so much respect to them!

Click on the links above to hear/download, or simply stream the tracks below!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THIRD MAN DOWN - "Rude Awakening" (Brutal HC from Helsinki)


Thug-core from Helsinki/Finland paying homage to the devastating sound of the metallic mid-90s NYHC and bands like Everybody Gets Hurt, Irate, E-Town Concrete, Cold as Life etc. Very good production, with a convincingly mean sound and awesome vocals! A real must if you're into the bands mentioned above.

P.S. I love the fucking artwork, it reminds me of all the NY ghetto metal I used to listen to back in the day! Camos, cold attitudes and relentless mosh!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

OVERPAIN - "Underrated, Overhated" Review

Hell yes! Salonica Hardcore Crew's lifers are back with a bruising full length record, so you better listen. Whenever you hear about SHC or Overpain, you can be sure you'll be getting some brutal hardcore with a "realer than real" street attitude. Yes, this is what these guys do and they do it very well, bringing it back to the roots of hardcore being, well... hard. I am fucking glad that at least someone's still here to represent the style of hardcore that I grew up with. This shit is heavy and metallic, but with an urban hip hop attitude and an undiluted dose of hardcore integrity.

Musically, Overpain is on top of the beatdown game. But actually, they've taken things a step further. Most beatdown hardcore is unfortunately kind of repetitive and pretentiously negative. On the contrary, Overpain comes at you with words of strength and honesty, and a sound that goes back to how brutal hardcore used to be: full of beatdowns but also with many old school hardcore influences. In other words, Underrated, Overhated slowly departs from typical modern beatdown and moves back to the roots of the genre and Hatebreed's Perseverence. Even though there are many beatdowns going on, the record quickly moves in a more upbeat direction that includes higher speeds at classic hardcore paces. That's what we're talking about!!!!

There is plenty of double bass action here for all you metal freaks (like myself) and a clean production that makes the drums transform into a relentless hardcore assault. The 2 guitars create a double-barrel attack that shoots straight  at you, only to be strengthened even more by the groovy-ass bass. Last but not least, Nick's vocals prove that he is a possessed madman with the heart of a sincere hardcore kid. Yes, we need frontmen like these in the scene, I mean hardcore kids that believe what they're singing about and support hardcore with their very presence.

I am not just out to praise the bands that I like (even though in this case it's easy). Overpain has reached a very high level of combined brutality and catchiness so this is pretty much perfect for fans of the style. I guess a few guitar leads here and there could add some spice to the mix and make it more catchy, but I bet these guys want their sound just heavy and straight, with no additives. The guest appearances of well-known hardcore growlers are another extra. Even though I am not the biggest fan of multiple guest appearances in hardcore albums, in this case it's all good since they just add some color and do not steal the show or nothing.

These guys are passing the record around for free, respect to them, and this record has been long due. It is a piece of current Greek hardcore that has a lot to say, so let's work together to bring it to the world cause it's totally worth it! "100% hardcore"

Overpain Bandcamp 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Headshot - "Grown to Hate" (2012)

Headshot is a brutal hardcore band from Kortijk in Belgium. This is within what's called the H800 part of Belgium, one of the most legendary and of course hardest hardcore scenes Europe ever had. When the H8000 stamp is thrown, you know you should expect some metallic, beatdown based, groove-ladden hardcore that doesn't fuck around!

And such is the case with Headshot: these guys bring on the H8000 mosh with their urban-styled grooves of harsh reality, nihilistic mentality. This is what we all need: a dose of no no BS, down to reality hardcore music!  Check out these Belgium street kids for some new, underground hardcore that won't disappoint you! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013: Some News & Whatnot

Hey everyone and welcome to the 1st post for 2013-- hope you are all having a good one!

Due to work etc posts here have become less frequent here, but that doesn't mean that Take Your Shot is dead, nor that our faith in hardcore (or the vegan straight edge!) has diminished a bit. No--hardcore is still the thing that gives us reason to get up and face each fucking day! We have a few reviews lined up and some more nice things in store.

TxYxS may or may not go in the freezer for a while, like it's also happened before in the past. What's most important for us is to keep things DIY and fresh, and not to sell out to the lack of good content, just to be "still in the game". No matter what happens, we will always be here to listen to new music and interact with you, so bring it on! Hardcore is... f o r e v e r.