Sunday, May 27, 2007


All you kids out there must know how it feels to wait for ages and ages to see your favorite band! Well, my personal dream came true last night after a long-ass wait that lasted about 10 years. It's been a long way since I was that 16-year old SUICIDAL fanatic, going to school with checkered longsleeve shirts and backwards baseball caps... hell, those were the days. But I'm just glad I'm still here today, into the same music and more into it than ever before.
Nostalgia aside, it was a great show last night! It was so weird waiting for ST to come on stage, but as soon as the gang made its appearence I felt a rush of energy that drove me (and about a hundred others) straight into the moshpit. ST played all their classic songs, my favourite ones being the oldscool start-stop, slow-fast ones like I Saw Your Mommy, Institutioanlized and Memories of Tomorrow. Fuck, these are all classics! Cyco Miko gave some awesome spoken parts, and thinkg of it, that's what sets ST appart from all other bands: they always had that universal message of angst and pent up pressure that kids everywhere in the world can relate to!
In the pit there was utter madness and I can safely say there was a circle pit going on for every song! Crowd surfing was happening all the time, and the kids even took the stage at some point! Fuck! It was cool to see hardcore kids, punks, thrashers and even older dudes moshing together. After all, ST always combined and united the different tribes of punk/hardcore and metal, with their unique blend of skate culture and street attitude!
The band also gave an outstanding perfomance, both technically and stage-wise. Cyco Miko didn't stay static for more than one second, while the rest of the band didn't miss a note. An extra point goes out to all the funky bass action going on--Rob Trujillo eat your heart out! Moreover, the 'best quote' award rightly belongs to my pal Jim, who got on stage, went to old time guitarist Mike Clark, patted him on the back and said: "man--you're big!"--haha quality line by Jim right there!
Okay, well I guess that's enough of ST worship for one go. What can I say, I'm a prejudiced SUICICAL maniac! Going to a show like this really refreshed me, helped me forget about my shitty job, all the fucking lousy shit that's happening in my life right now, and, ultimately, made me forget about that fucking WAR INSIDE MY HEAD, as SUICIDAL themselves put it....