Friday, May 10, 2013

DEPENDENCY - "Love not Wasted" Review (Blood & Ink Records)

Genre: Hardcore-Rock / Spirit Filled HC
Location: Nashville, US
Label: Blood & Ink
Band Website: Facebook

Blood & Ink Records' DEPENDENCY have returned with an awesome record that takes things to a whole new level. These guys have managed to create some deep, subtle and thought-provoking hardcore, based on nothing but the basic (or, the best) ingredients.

Doing things with a direct and even minimalist mindset, DEPENDENCY deliver song after song with utter conviction and a sort of refined simplicity that can't just can't go unnoticed. The outcome is a piece of music that sounds incredibly r e a l , and rightfully transports you in the world of five honest guys who express themselves playing the music they love.

In Love not Wasted, you wont find the familiar and overused verse/chorus/breakdown patterns; nevertheless, you do get some super-clever guitar structures building on the tightest imaginable rhythm section, with heartfelt lyrics shouted (but not screamed) in intensifying, desperate and at the same time inspiring hardcore style.

I also want to make an extra mention in relation to the production sound, which is kind of rough around the edges, but in a very intended manner. This is the way to go. Every instrument has its own unique space here, and is allowed to breathe and deliver its own message, contributing to the overall outcome.

I'm stoked on music like this coming out from Blood & Ink. The label keeps adding diverse artists to its roster, but without departing from its hardcore (and spirit-filled!) ethos. This is so much compared to what other labels seem to do, which is just cashing out on the flavor of the day.

Koji, Turnover, Ivy League, Have Mercy

For those of you who might be in the mood for something more chill; these are some qulity artists you should check out. Good music brought to you by 6131 and No Sleep Records.

Monday, April 29, 2013

SERPENT"S TONGUE - "Desolation" Review

Bam! When you least expect it, it always hits you! Like on this occasion, I initially didn't know what to expect from this rabid moshing pitbull hailing from Indiana, US. Judging from the cover, I thought, this could be anything from sludge to metalcore but actually it was brutal metallic hardcore that crushes bones with 1,000 tons of aural heaviness!

SERPENT'S TONGUE take some cues from the all-hailed INTEGRITY sound, while bringing it to new extremes. Let me tell you, these guys have thoroughly researched their sound. They have hardcore in their veins, but also know how to mix it well with some dark and heavy as hell metal. And by that I mean real, bad-ass fucking metal. When they go slow, they go ALL SLOW, and with that compact low sound they manage to groove like very few bands can.

Yes -- these guys are definitely dark, but also have the grove that takes you through every song pleasantly and makes you want to mosh your ass off. If you like dark European hardcore like only the best do it (AYS, Goldrush, or even  older stuff like Arkangel and Congress) then you must definitely check this out! It is bleak, mysterious, brutal and groovy, or in other words: just perfect. This band slays and you don't want to be left behind...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

FUCKING INVINCIBLE - fast hardcore from Rhode Island, US

Today's post shall be brief and straight to the point, much like the music of FUCKING INCREDIBLE. This band delivers a super tight energy which combines a classic hardcore sound with some insane fastcore blastbeats. I don't know (and actually don't care) if this should be called powerviolence and whatnot, but I do  know it's GOOD! Featuring members of Sould Control and Drop Dead!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tad Peyton: Old School Hardcore Tattoos

I recently realized that there haven't been many tattoo posts as of late here. Nevertheless, tattoos are and have been one of my big interests in life, and I am always researching the history of tattooing and looking to find out about cool artists around the globe. Tattoos are so close to hardcore, such a big part of it. I have often tried to find out the connection between the two and what has made tattoos and hardcore blend so well, but I'll leave that to someone else. All I know is I love both. So now it's time to check out some cool tattoo art and spread the word on the artists who deserve it...

One great artist that I've recently found out about is Tad Peyton. This guy tends to create some super clean & bright, traditional old school images.What's more is that Peyton has a soft spot for creating hardcore-related tattoo themes; his art has been featured on hardcore merch and posters (Out Crowd, United Blood Fest '13), while he's also making tatoo flash that focuses on common hardcore and street punk themes/songs. What could be more amazing than a straight edge tattooist paying respect to his favorite hardcore bands? Yup, this shit is as good as it gets.