Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THIRD MAN DOWN - "Rude Awakening" (Brutal HC from Helsinki)


Thug-core from Helsinki/Finland paying homage to the devastating sound of the metallic mid-90s NYHC and bands like Everybody Gets Hurt, Irate, E-Town Concrete, Cold as Life etc. Very good production, with a convincingly mean sound and awesome vocals! A real must if you're into the bands mentioned above.

P.S. I love the fucking artwork, it reminds me of all the NY ghetto metal I used to listen to back in the day! Camos, cold attitudes and relentless mosh!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

OVERPAIN - "Underrated, Overhated" Review

Hell yes! Salonica Hardcore Crew's lifers are back with a bruising full length record, so you better listen. Whenever you hear about SHC or Overpain, you can be sure you'll be getting some brutal hardcore with a "realer than real" street attitude. Yes, this is what these guys do and they do it very well, bringing it back to the roots of hardcore being, well... hard. I am fucking glad that at least someone's still here to represent the style of hardcore that I grew up with. This shit is heavy and metallic, but with an urban hip hop attitude and an undiluted dose of hardcore integrity.

Musically, Overpain is on top of the beatdown game. But actually, they've taken things a step further. Most beatdown hardcore is unfortunately kind of repetitive and pretentiously negative. On the contrary, Overpain comes at you with words of strength and honesty, and a sound that goes back to how brutal hardcore used to be: full of beatdowns but also with many old school hardcore influences. In other words, Underrated, Overhated slowly departs from typical modern beatdown and moves back to the roots of the genre and Hatebreed's Perseverence. Even though there are many beatdowns going on, the record quickly moves in a more upbeat direction that includes higher speeds at classic hardcore paces. That's what we're talking about!!!!

There is plenty of double bass action here for all you metal freaks (like myself) and a clean production that makes the drums transform into a relentless hardcore assault. The 2 guitars create a double-barrel attack that shoots straight  at you, only to be strengthened even more by the groovy-ass bass. Last but not least, Nick's vocals prove that he is a possessed madman with the heart of a sincere hardcore kid. Yes, we need frontmen like these in the scene, I mean hardcore kids that believe what they're singing about and support hardcore with their very presence.

I am not just out to praise the bands that I like (even though in this case it's easy). Overpain has reached a very high level of combined brutality and catchiness so this is pretty much perfect for fans of the style. I guess a few guitar leads here and there could add some spice to the mix and make it more catchy, but I bet these guys want their sound just heavy and straight, with no additives. The guest appearances of well-known hardcore growlers are another extra. Even though I am not the biggest fan of multiple guest appearances in hardcore albums, in this case it's all good since they just add some color and do not steal the show or nothing.

These guys are passing the record around for free, respect to them, and this record has been long due. It is a piece of current Greek hardcore that has a lot to say, so let's work together to bring it to the world cause it's totally worth it! "100% hardcore"

Overpain Bandcamp 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Headshot - "Grown to Hate" (2012)

Headshot is a brutal hardcore band from Kortijk in Belgium. This is within what's called the H800 part of Belgium, one of the most legendary and of course hardest hardcore scenes Europe ever had. When the H8000 stamp is thrown, you know you should expect some metallic, beatdown based, groove-ladden hardcore that doesn't fuck around!

And such is the case with Headshot: these guys bring on the H8000 mosh with their urban-styled grooves of harsh reality, nihilistic mentality. This is what we all need: a dose of no no BS, down to reality hardcore music!  Check out these Belgium street kids for some new, underground hardcore that won't disappoint you!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013: Some News & Whatnot

Hey everyone and welcome to the 1st post for 2013-- hope you are all having a good one!

Due to work etc posts here have become less frequent here, but that doesn't mean that Take Your Shot is dead, nor that our faith in hardcore (or the vegan straight edge!) has diminished a bit. No--hardcore is still the thing that gives us reason to get up and face each fucking day! We have a few reviews lined up and some more nice things in store.

TxYxS may or may not go in the freezer for a while, like it's also happened before in the past. What's most important for us is to keep things DIY and fresh, and not to sell out to the lack of good content, just to be "still in the game". No matter what happens, we will always be here to listen to new music and interact with you, so bring it on! Hardcore is... f o r e v e r.