Thursday, March 28, 2013

REACT! Records: A New Generation Takes Over

React! Records must be one of the top hardcore labels out there. And that's not just because they put out awesome music; it's also a label that has supported hardcore as a positive way of life, bringing good music and strong values to hardcore kids worldwide through its releases.

Each band on React!'s roster displays its own unique style, which is more than we could ask for in today's hardcore scene. The straight edge factor has always been part of React!, but in a positive and all-inclusive way, which is awesome. When it comes down to it, React! has just been putting out records that aim to bring positive change, which is essentially what makes hardcore great in the first place.

I was kind of surprised to learn that React! main man Aram Arslanian (Champion, the First Step, Betrayed) is passing the label over to new people. Even though the label will continue in the hands of new people who live and breathe hardcore, it's still something I would not expect. I guess that all good things make their full circle and then it's time to move on. Read below to find out Aram's farewell on the React! website...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eden Demise - "Retaliation" (Official Video)

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So you must already know that Greece has a long history in brutal, metallic hardcore! No matter the trends of today (full of PC and fake DIY mentalities), I also remember the days that hardcore kids weren't afraid of mosh parts and bands with harder attitudes. Oh well..

One of the bands that did not stray from their own path is Eden Demise. These guys stuck with the heavy metallic 'core, and I guess now that this sound is coming back everywhere (with bands like Warhound, Xibalba, Incendiary etc), these guys are the lucky ones.

Eden Demise recently released a video from their upcoming album. What we have here a video of clean "in your face", just as it happens in the streets of Athens every day. I have to add that for me Eden Demise has taken that big step up musically, making a new sound of their own which incorporates modern beatdown and extreme metal (i.e. prog deathcore, black metal) ingredients... The band had their bassist move to guitar duties recently, and that is the wisest choice they could have made, since the dude can churn out stompy riffs like a motherfucker. You gotta hear it to believe it!

Now check this video and don't forget to RETALIATE!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Providence (Paris Hardcore) on Eulogy Records


If you are into heavy hardcore, there are good chances you know Providence. This French Powerhouse brings it with some of the heaviest imaginable grooves on the planet. We are talking about a dose of 100% brutal hardcore with a cold urban attitude.. which is nothing but perfect in our book!

The Parisian bruisers are now signed on Eulogy Records' roster (Walls of Jericho, Shattered Realm, xTyrantx, Donnybrook & much more!). I think it's just great to see European HC bands crossing the barrier and get signed by bigger US labels. This type of support from the US will helo make hardcore a bigger, more tight-knit transatlantic family!

p.s. Note the One Two Six tshirt on the right? Take note because this is Greece's fast-rising hardcore clothing line!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Good news for all you kids into brutal and beatdown hardcore!

I Love Mosh, one of the most active and popular hardcore download blogs around, has just issued a comp filled with 40 (!) songs of heavy-ass, brutal/beatdown hardcore! Some bands are already established names in the HC scene, but you will also get into a lot of new stuff thru this comp. The production level stays pretty good all the way through,which very vital for underground moves like this!

The comp also contains two songs from two of Greece's best hardcore bands: Senseless and Overpain!

Now go over to I Love Mosh's bandcamp page and heck that shit out!