NOX Records / Press

Night Owl X is an underground record and press label that has been active since October 2010. It was created with the intention to put out records and pulications which strongly support a eco-friendly, vegan straight edge worldview. Although not all of the fanzines and records we put out are necessarily vegan straight edge, this is definitely the base we call home.

During its short history, Night Owl X has released the following outputs:

- My Turn demo tape (limited to 60 pcs, November 2010)
- Take Your Shot fanzine #4 (300 copies, February 2011)
- xSacred Lifex fanzine #1 (50 copies, October 2011)
- various stickers, flyers etc promoting the vegan straight edge philosophy

The label does not operate full-time, but rather functions in order to gather all our activities in one place, and distribute them within the underground movement. You can read more about NOX at the following address:

Thank you and say tuned for the next Night Owl X release (Mil Caras tape - Straight Edge hardcore from Argentina) coming early 2012!!!