Friday, May 10, 2013

DEPENDENCY - "Love not Wasted" Review (Blood & Ink Records)

Genre: Hardcore-Rock / Spirit Filled HC
Location: Nashville, US
Label: Blood & Ink
Band Website: Facebook

Blood & Ink Records' DEPENDENCY have returned with an awesome record that takes things to a whole new level. These guys have managed to create some deep, subtle and thought-provoking hardcore, based on nothing but the basic (or, the best) ingredients.

Doing things with a direct and even minimalist mindset, DEPENDENCY deliver song after song with utter conviction and a sort of refined simplicity that can't just can't go unnoticed. The outcome is a piece of music that sounds incredibly r e a l , and rightfully transports you in the world of five honest guys who express themselves playing the music they love.

In Love not Wasted, you wont find the familiar and overused verse/chorus/breakdown patterns; nevertheless, you do get some super-clever guitar structures building on the tightest imaginable rhythm section, with heartfelt lyrics shouted (but not screamed) in intensifying, desperate and at the same time inspiring hardcore style.

I also want to make an extra mention in relation to the production sound, which is kind of rough around the edges, but in a very intended manner. This is the way to go. Every instrument has its own unique space here, and is allowed to breathe and deliver its own message, contributing to the overall outcome.

I'm stoked on music like this coming out from Blood & Ink. The label keeps adding diverse artists to its roster, but without departing from its hardcore (and spirit-filled!) ethos. This is so much compared to what other labels seem to do, which is just cashing out on the flavor of the day.

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