Monday, April 29, 2013

SERPENT"S TONGUE - "Desolation" Review

Bam! When you least expect it, it always hits you! Like on this occasion, I initially didn't know what to expect from this rabid moshing pitbull hailing from Indiana, US. Judging from the cover, I thought, this could be anything from sludge to metalcore but actually it was brutal metallic hardcore that crushes bones with 1,000 tons of aural heaviness!

SERPENT'S TONGUE take some cues from the all-hailed INTEGRITY sound, while bringing it to new extremes. Let me tell you, these guys have thoroughly researched their sound. They have hardcore in their veins, but also know how to mix it well with some dark and heavy as hell metal. And by that I mean real, bad-ass fucking metal. When they go slow, they go ALL SLOW, and with that compact low sound they manage to groove like very few bands can.

Yes -- these guys are definitely dark, but also have the grove that takes you through every song pleasantly and makes you want to mosh your ass off. If you like dark European hardcore like only the best do it (AYS, Goldrush, or even  older stuff like Arkangel and Congress) then you must definitely check this out! It is bleak, mysterious, brutal and groovy, or in other words: just perfect. This band slays and you don't want to be left behind...

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