Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tad Peyton: Old School Hardcore Tattoos

I recently realized that there haven't been many tattoo posts as of late here. Nevertheless, tattoos are and have been one of my big interests in life, and I am always researching the history of tattooing and looking to find out about cool artists around the globe. Tattoos are so close to hardcore, such a big part of it. I have often tried to find out the connection between the two and what has made tattoos and hardcore blend so well, but I'll leave that to someone else. All I know is I love both. So now it's time to check out some cool tattoo art and spread the word on the artists who deserve it...

One great artist that I've recently found out about is Tad Peyton. This guy tends to create some super clean & bright, traditional old school images.What's more is that Peyton has a soft spot for creating hardcore-related tattoo themes; his art has been featured on hardcore merch and posters (Out Crowd, United Blood Fest '13), while he's also making tatoo flash that focuses on common hardcore and street punk themes/songs. What could be more amazing than a straight edge tattooist paying respect to his favorite hardcore bands? Yup, this shit is as good as it gets.

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