Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ANOTHER MISTAKE - "Life's Noose" Demo Review

And now time for some dirty, pissed off hardcore.

Another Mistake is the shit. Old school, no fronts hardcore like back in the day, played by dudes who couldn't give two shits about publicity, scene points or photos (they aren't even on Myspace, but you can find some info about 'em here and/or here). In their short career, they have already supported Agnostic Front and have put out a demo that really speaks for itself and makes a name for the band faster than you think.
Life's Noose is Another Mistake's first demo, in which the Louisville quartet bangs out 5 songs of mad angry hardcore not unlike Slapshot and Right Direction. There are absolutely no 00s elements in these guys' core, even the production sound is totally 90s if not 80s! Their demo was released on cassette (epic move) and of course it is sold out but the band itself has uploaded it for free downloading through the aforementioned websites.

I think that it is definitely good to have bands that stay loyal to the roots of hardcore (it's what we also aim to do with My Turn, the hardcore band I play guitar for). I mean it is obviously more than fine to listen to all that progressive post hardcore stuff, we all like it, and new sounds are always great and welcome. However, we should always remember where this music came from and try to accurately represent it and pay respect to it as much as we can, whenever we can. And I'm glad because Another Mistake does just that.

the only kids i respect anymore
are the ones down for the fucking core
been playing the nice guy far too long
taught to believe everyone belonged
now i see i was wrong
convictions weren't so strong
i'm still holding on
to the feeling of being young
hardcore is the air in my lungs

pit or die, time to decide

its in all our blood

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