Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pamela Anderson Lectures @ Oxford Uni Vegetarian Style!

Vegan pizza went 97% up at Oxford Campus
after Anderson's prolific speech.
Good news for vegetarians: their cause is officially under discussion at Oxford University. Not only that, but the person who actually brought the issue is no other than Pamela Anderson! The actress and model, known for being a vegetarian and working with Peta (an organization promoting vegetarianism for those who don't know), accepted the  world-famous university's invitation and payed a visit to lecture its students. She based her speech on the easiest ways to go vegetarian, as well as the ethical and environmental parameters of taking the 'veg pledge'.

This may seem to some of you as a cheap promotional trick on behalf of Peta, but on the other hand shows that the  people at Oxford know how to maintain their students' attention. The best people to deliver a message are the most unconventional ones. I mean, how boring would it be to have a lecture on vegetarianism by some Phd dude who would talk about percentages? So thumbs up to Oxford for being ahead of their time, and also thumbs up to Pamela for showing it's never too late to work for a good cause!

p.s. What does this article have to do with hardcore? Absolutely nothing, aside our own vegetarian considerations!

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