Sunday, October 10, 2010

OUTSPOKEN zine #0 year 1

Let's review some hardcore zines! I've had the chance to read some truly great new zines in the past few months, just proper print zines about hardcore. Most of these zines arrive to Greece by way of WAK records & distro, but copies are limited so, get in touch & see what you can do!
One of the zines that stood out for me is Outspoken, a zine that has been going for like 12 years written in Portuguese, but this is the first issue written in English. The exact story about this zine is that it's done by Glauce, a Brazilian vegan straight edge hardcore girl, who now lives in Ireland and runs Hurry Up Records. Her writing in english is perfect, and the same goes for the contents of this zine. There are interviews with: Rise And Fall, John Joseph (Cro-Mags) about his latest book Meat is for Pussies, Chris Wrenn (owner of Bridge 9 Records), Famine (Irish hardcore band), an awesome Q & A with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, plus an Irish hardcore scene report.

This cute zine is on A5 format, with a very clean layout, good interviews, color cover and ads, and costs 2 euros. You can get it directly from the Hurry Up! Records Shop:

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