Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Still OK Not To Drink - Issue #1

The shit is getting rad! It's Still OK Not to Drink zine comes all the way from Australia ("Clayton Straight Edge"!) and it is one of the best first issues I've had the pleasure of reading during the 7 years I've been researching and reading DIY hardcore zines. There is a thing with new zines, when you can sense the enthusiasm, the effort put in by the maker, and all the freshness about it all!
So this straight edge zine from Melbourne contains interviews with the following bands: Foundation, The Effort, Purification (the re-united Italian vegan sXe legends), Persist, Warbrain, and Flawless Victory (a truly exceptional band, Russian straight edge, unfortunately just broke up). All of the interviews are interesting, and that's mainly because of the questions, which are very well-put and make for good and lengthy answers. The people in the bands seem to be really cool people, in a way the interviewer manages to bring out their character and that's really something if you ask me.

The format is A4, and the zine is done in a typical cut and paste style, which for me is perfect as I also do Take Your Shot cut and paste. There is room for improvement on the layout, but it's still fun and very old-school, and after all it's the first issue as we said. You can find these Australian Straight Edge kids and order this awesome zine here. You won't regret it!

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