Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cruel Hand-Studio Footage

Cruel Hand have been making quite a bit of noise with their latest album on Bridge 9, "Lock & Key". We're talking about some quality heavy, pissed off hardcore in the Terror tradition, but with less metal. Seems like Cruel Hand will be one of the bands that will take the hardcore scene by a storm in the remaining 2010, as they are on this year's Persistence tour (along Sick Of It All, DRI, Blood For Blood and many others) and they are creating a huge buzz around their name in hardcore circles, and for a good reason!
Cruel Hand: True hardcore sounds from Maine, US

This following video (off the band's myspace) was taken during their recording sessions for the above mentioned album. It documents the everyday hassle of committing yourself to recording your music. Such an activity might not be easy, but it is always a memorable part of making something happen. Having recently been in the studio myself, all this feels pretty familiar. Being in the studio is definitely a lovable part of playing in a hardcore band. Don't we all love it? Enjoy!

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