Monday, October 18, 2010

'One Life One Chance': The SXE OG Strikes Back

Toby Morse, singer of legendary NYHC band H2O and all-around positive hardcore persona, is reaching new hights with his new public speech project entitled One Life One Chace. Within this project, Toby visits schools and talks to kids on living a drug-free life. Honestly, I can't think of a better person to do this as Toby has the charisma, the energy, the coolness and all those little characteristics that make for a good speaker (which is also why he's been such a influential & inspiring frontman).
Toby Morse: More than a hardcore frontman

We at TYS totally appreciate a positive move like that, cause it directly benefits the kids. It's important to have alternative voices (hardcore voices) speaking for what is right. I wish when I was in school I had someone like Toby to tell me that drugs suck! It's also nice to see hardcore people evolving and taking it one step up. If hardcore is a way of life/thinking, we should be able to express our minds beyond the relatively narrow boundaries of the 'scene'. Now... how do you see yourself at 40? All respect to Toby & H2O!
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