Saturday, September 25, 2010

GOOD 2 GO - self titled EP

If you haven't noticed already, Russia is lately expanding into a huge mecca of hardcore music and values. I don't how this change is coming about so fast, but be sure that Russian kids are putting their country on the international map of hardcore! I know for a fact that our zine here gets most of its hits from Russia, second only to US and Canada! This exceptional, huge country which stands out in so many other aspects, will now also stand out in hardcore! Straight Edge kids already know that xFlawless Victoryx is one of the best current sXe bands with their own sound, but my favorites are Good 2 Go, this awesome energetic hardcore band that I am listening to on full volume when I want to get naturally high!
Seryoga Posi is the name the dude who got in touch and send me this demo, which the band circulates for free through their myspace. He and his friends play a form of heavy but also positive hardcore, like a combination of Madball with Good Clean Fun. Awesome! Their sound is raw, with a very good production with a phat guitar sound and many cool, small solos in the background. They sing in Russian which sounds very good and they have many breakdowns and tempo exchanges to keep things interesting. 
As this is pretty fat sounding and raw like we said (music to lift weights with one hand and eat [vegan] burgers with the other), it takes a few listens to get used to it as well as the unknown language. But then you can appreciate this groovy, full of attitude hardcore band which gets more well known with every day that passes.

INSIDE ME / Внутри Меня

There's something inside me
That keeps getting deeper every year
This is the engine in my chest
That pulls me forward
This is a string in my soul
It can never be broken
This is a fire in my eyes
That makes them shine

My way might be not easy
But I should walk it through
I can see you beside me
And we go the same way
But even if once I take alook around
And see nobody
I won't stop and turn back.

For Good 2 Go's complete, profound lyrics, go here!
Seryoga's (Cut The Strings Distro) myspace here.

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