Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shere Khan - Straight Up sXe from Boston!!!

Type: Band
Style: Obnoxious sXe hardcore from 2008
Label: Rock Vegas
Why: Just because
To find hardcore that blows me away 100% is not that easy, but stumbling upon Shere Khan's shit from 2008 did this exaclty! They have the fucking realness factor going on, so much that you just can't resist to if you like heavy music at all. It overflows with sheer energy and it's so in your face that it gets almost scary. That is exaclty the thing hardcore is missing today, the sense that it is dangerous, like the feeling you get around some people in real life, how you get the sense of uncomfort being next to them? Well I get this sense when I listen to Shere Khan on top volume right here at home! 

Don't get me wrong, these guys are not like a totally negative band, but they're aint  happycore either. I guess we could say that they deliver a straightforward message and attitide through an extremely intense medium. Yep--this is old school hardcore with a hateful but at least honest message: Get Fucked (the title of their EP!). 

As for the music, this is not just another 'by the numbers' old school copycat. It's perfectly crafted with a classic sXe sound that borrows some youth crew characteristics (on the vox and the few, well placed guitar leads) but  is also not 100% metal-free either. All in all, a good combination of all the meterial that makes hardcore just so great when it is well played. 

I can't believe I was anaware of this band for so long... From what I see they've been inactive since 2008 and their members are doing other things in some pretty well known bands. Oh shit! Get sucka free!

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