Friday, September 17, 2010

EDGE THE MOVIE Screening @ Katarameno Syndromo

Do you really want to miss this? Probably not!

I'd say that EDGE is the most talked-about film of recent times as far as hardcore is concerned, I think probably since American Hardcore. In this case, the focus is not hardcore during the 80s in America, but the analysis of the straight edge hardcore philospohy and morals. IT goes through all basics styles and genres (in a historic kind of way) and interviews many prominent sXe figures of today and yesterday. My favorite part? Ray Cappo (Youth of Today, Shelter etc), of course!

I just think it's really great to have movie screenings like that, about hardcore music and culture here in Greece. It is just something we need, the sort of activity that is not necessarily 100% music-related and helps the scene grow by bringing people together and informing them about the stuff they  listen to, so it's all good. There is so much that can be done from us by us and it is great to see people actually taking the innitiative. So let's go!

This really made my Friday! And dude, you're not even straight edge :P

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