Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dead At The Scene - 'Sharktopus' EP Review

One thing that does not come up frequently in TYS is the fact that I love progressive metal... especially progressive, technical metal with post/hardcore influences and excellent musicianship! So Dead At The Scene is exactly the type of band I am talking about--progressing and transgressing, creating their own style of metal that sounds totally fresh and inspiring!

First of all, I guess I should say that this isn't exactly 'metal' per se; it combines a ton of different musical influences which won't allow even the most narrow-minded critic to pigeonhole this band in to any specific genre (well...). It would suffice to say that it is really heavy, really tight, with constant changes without becoming chaotic or 'jazzy'! I mean, it is progressive for sure, but luckily it is also catchy and groovy, and goes down well from start to finish. In other words, you won't sit there wondering what the fuck? or strive to make sense by playing the record over and over until you get it. Au contraire, you will be able to just enjoy it from the first play. Then, of course, you will end up giving it repeated listens like me, because it will grow on you like a motherfucker!

Another good thing about Sharktopus (what a title) is that it contains various layers of heaviness. It doesn't just go back and forth between heavy/calm like so many so called progressive bands out there; it actually has parts where the band slaps you across the face really heavy but also melodic parts, blending the brutality with an almost chilled, hypnotic at times atmosphere. And all that without sampling and programming or keyboard additions of any sort! So the record ploughs on through with all its heavy riffs and double bass drumming and exchanging complex rhythms, but there is an immense sense of beauty about it, too. I can't begin to understand how these guys tie up their songs with so much brutality and at the same time thoughtfulness and melody. Good job!

DATS: trippy deathcore for a new age

It's the combination of those trippy, calm parts with the sheer technical intensity that makes this Scottish   band stand out so much. All the players know their shit for sure and do their progressive thang but without competing each other, while the vocals top it all off with a wide range of different styles. Everything is so in phase and perfectly correlated that creates a nice sense of balance. Just perfect, melodic, modern progressive metal. There is a part on the song Echoes on 02.56 when the solo kicks in, that is just fucking magic and explains exactly what I mean.

Most of all I like this band because they can pull off all this technical stuff and at the same time keep it  metal and down to earth. But you better get your hands on this gem and check it out for yourself asap! This is music for thought...

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