Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WITNESS THE FALL - "001" EP Review (2011)

Well it's about time to make some metal signs up in here! Witness the Fall is an awesome modern metal band from Scotland -  a country which seems to produce many new bands full of totally talented, technical musicians.

These Scots play a style of metal that is fresh and modern, but still filled with the basics: lightning-speed riffs, driving melodies, technical parts and an overall sound that is totally heavy and chunky. I'd say it is a combination of NWOAM (that's New Wave of American Metalcore, fool!) with some distinct metalcore breakdowns and patterns in the vein of As I Lay Dying and Unearth. I just have to mention that the double bass drumming is totally fucking relentless, as it races alongside the head crunching, flaming metal riffs. All this is topped with some pretty incendiary political lyrics about the fall of man and modern society! Yeah baby! This is Real Metal 101 for the new millennium!

I fucking love underground metal; Like underground hardcore, punk etc, it's just music made by kids who love what they do and put in lots of commitment and dedication into what they do. It does takes a high level of dedication to be an underground band and sound like a well-paid recording artist, and this is exactly what Witness the Fall manage to do. I love playing this CD; it has awesome grooves, a killer production sound, it rocks the fuck out, and just makes me want to say 'fuck' a lot and find something to destroy! That's exactly what I need right now!

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