Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jawbone - "Loss of Innocence" EP Review

When we say 'heavy hardcore' nowadays, most people think of beatdown stuff with bad death metal vocals and people wearing basketball shorts. We are lucky to have labels like Blood & Ink Records, which has been working hard at bringing us the real, quality heavy hardcore sound that is worth listening to. There are a number of bands on its roster bringing modern hardcore to a new level of chaos and brutality. Jawbone and their new ep Loss of Innocence are here to add some more credibility to an already awesome label.

Loss of Innocence consists of five songs of relentless hardcore intensity that hits hard from start to finish. This is some serious devastating metallic hardcore with complex, constantly changing drum patterns, chaotic guitar riffage, and a huge analog sound to bring everything together. I dig the fact that the vocals sound pissed of without being typically heavy. We could actually say the dude almost sings and this brings to mind mid 90s metallic hardcore bands - which is obviously a very good thing. Jawbone is a pretty exceptional band because they've managed to create a sound that will go down well with both Earth Crisis and Neurosis fans while always keeping one foot down in the roots of the original hardcore sound.

There is always room in the hardcore scene for bands who push the envelope a bit further and expand the genre's boundaries. However, I like the fact that there are bands like Jawbone who manage to walk the thin line between being innovative and at the same time true to their roots. This is 2011's true metallic hardcore!

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