Friday, July 22, 2011

NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - "A Relationship Between Oldskool Hip Hop and Nationalist Socialize Ideas" (New Song)

I never know what to expect from Indonesian punk kids Nervous Breakdown and their unexplainable song titles, as every time they come out with something different musically. Last time they sent me a single A side release of a wonderful powerpop / punk rock song that could easily get radio plays, but I also know that normally they tend to incorporate a lot of noise elements and rough hardcore punk in their sound. So what should I expect this time?

Another surprise, I guess! Oyi (the genius mastermind behind this punk gang, second from left on the pic) dedided to go to the very roots of hardcore and take us all the way back to the early 80s and a proto-core sound swinging between Black Flag and SSD. The song opens with 0: 41 seconds of multiple layered distortion and feedback, before plunging into some mid tempo, youthful, crazy hardcore with blown out guitar solos and of the hook drum patterns. It is like Jimi Hendrix jamming with a heavier Adolescents or something, so you get the picture: this is good! If it was on Alternative Tentacles you would have bought it already!

Summing up: if you like unadulterated, noisy yet catchy hardcore then this is for you! You won't be dissapointed if only to hear Oyi wishing his mom "happy birthday from your son" at the end of the song... Great stuff!

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