Monday, July 4, 2011

DEMERIT - Real Punk From Beijing!

It might be summer, but that can't even stop us from listening to some dark 'n' gruff, tuneful punk music. Today we are featuring a band that seems like it will really stay on our playlist, and it's no other than Beijing's Demerit. We are talking about some seriously good hardcore punk here, which combines all good things Misfits, DOA & street-punk. That's true! I don't know how these Chinese punx pull it off, but they mingle their hardcore songs with absolutely stunning melodies that nod to the mid-80s US punk and street-punk scenes. Awesome! This takes us back to punk as an expression of freedom and individuality, where there is room for good songwriting as well as being pissed off with everything.

One thing I know about Asian punk bands is that when they intend to switch to the melodic side of punk, they have a knack for making catchy, heart grabbing songs. And this is certainly the case here. 

Demerit will be on the Warped Tour 2011 and I just know that many kids out there will enjoy them in the sunshine, feeling these heavy, melancholic punk grooves changing their lives. Right on!

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