Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Old School Pic: Choke, Slapshot

I still wonder what the kids out there think about Slapshot. Are they one of the hardcore bands you love to hate? Is Jack Kelly (Choke) the frontman with the most recognizable voice in hardcore or is he just someone who pisses you off? Do you even recognize the importance of Choke and co. for the formation of what we call obnoxious, ignorant straight edge hardcore? And will they put another record out!? I don't know guys... I personally grew up listening to Slapshot since  Old Tyme Hardcore came out when I was a 16-year old dweeb. For me, they are one of the top-10 hardcore bands of all time for sure. They always had the 'in your face' factor switched up to 10, and that's why I respect them so much, no matter what people say.

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