Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ON THE OFFENSE - Demo 2011 Review

Growing up as a hardcore kid in the 90s, I didn't listen to metalcore; I didn't listen to no 'thug'-core and I certainly didn't listen to boring, watered down ex-hardcore post stuff. No! I listened to stuff like ON THE OFFENSE: honest, driving, hard-hitting hardcore music with an intense message I could relate to.

Back then all the kids were kind of trying to get as many records from the Victory Records catalogue as possible. Cause even though it was hard to find HC records, at least there was a good hardcore label that we could depend on and spent our money on stuff we knew we would 99% like. ON THE OFFENSE is reminiscent of those golden days. They play hardcore the way it used to be, and do an awesome job at it by staying close to the roots of this music and by showing lots of respect for it. I can trust a band like this to take me through the hard times, or after a long day's work. It's the HC friend I need because it's so honest.

Each one of the fours songs on this demo is a NYHC blast that takes you straight to NYC (or any other big, dirty-ass city for that matter). Yeah... this demo takes you down to dark places where creeps live, where life's no fairy tale and where you gotta be strong and hardened to pull through. It is just a wrecking ball which represents what I'd call... the honest,  working man's hardcore! Fans of Warzone, Akward Thought, AF, early SOIA, or later NYHC revival stuff will love this, I swear.

Take my word for it if you're a true fan of NYHC or heavy, old school hardcore in general. You won't be disappointed!

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