Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Want You Dead - Demo review

So the last post for this month will be a review on I Want You Dead's demo. These guys have hit hard the Greek hardcore scene, and in my opinion they've got a sound that can go beyond the boundaries and reach the international HC stage. They've got a strong, bleak sound that is NOT metal, but somehow sounds even heavier than most metal/HC out these days. 

This demo CD features 2 tracks. The opener Mora is a fast in your face tune that kickstarts things off like a tornado with a HC beat and the singer screaming "fuck shit uuuuuuuuup" in an almost death metal growl! It then plunges into a minute and a half of pounding, blasting and aggressive as fuck HC with huge backing vocals. If you want any comparisons, sounds to me like a cross between Slapshot and Integrity. Fuck yes. It is heavy, it is fast, and it's got a ton of attitude.

The second song, I Am Decay is where things slow down. It is a very happy song, with lyrics like "I hope you bastard die in vain again and again". This is a good thing by the way: I can make out most of the lyrics with no lyric sheet-it's a very clear pronunciation for someone who sings like a mad dog right out of hell. This scorcher lasts a bit longer (a bit more than 3 min) and goes mid-tempo all the way until the rewarding last d-beat break just before the end of the CD. The ever-changing riffs throughout the song are punishing and relentless like black metal meets hardcore with an extra groove on the side. 

The CD is packaged in a neat, fold-out, see-through paper that forms a huge inverted cross when you open it.  The only information is the band's name, the song titles and the band's website. Low-key and mean as hell. It all makes up for a very imposing release, and to think that it's only a demo!

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