Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep It Real issue 9 out now!

So... after a short break (Easter holidays in Greece), we're back with some more newz from the the world of the Hardcore Underground. So, let's not waste any time! 

This time we're proud to present a fanzine from our very own Greek Hardcore scene. In fact, Keep It Real is a fanzine with quite a long history behind it, so it's nice to see it active after something like 2 years. This, issue 9, is the most professional effort I've seen so far by Keep It Real, with professional printing and quality paper. It's filled with interviews, record reviews and professional band shots from all over hardcore, but with a special love for the straight edge scene!

Brought to you by the WAK guys who do so many other stuff, Keep It Real *9 raises the standard for Greek fanzines, and that's not only hardcore & even music fanzines. All you arty fuckers out there doing zines better beware, because the Hardcore scene is coming at you with quality!

Keep It Real represents a positive attitude, but this time I can say the writer(s) are a bit more pissed off than usual, even venomous at times. Considering it's hardcore we're talking about, this could be a turn on for the reader! It's up to you to choose and you better pick this zine up so you can check out for yourself. 

p.s.: Personal favorite: the piece on Krishna-core. Keeping that positive and spiritual vibe!

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