Monday, April 26, 2010

H20 live show - Thursday 29 April 2010

Type: live show
Organizer/promoter: Playfalse
Date: & Place: Thursday 29th April 2010, Kyttaro Club
Bands: H20, Die Without, All Around Heroes
Alright! H20 have a looong history of good music and raised fists behind them, with one good album after the other. They had their claim to fame back in the day, but they've come back to their hardcore roots and do what they know how to do best (backed by Bridge 9, the biggest hardcore label around) . For me, there are 3 main reasons for which H20 are so high up in my book:

- highly energetic, melodic hardcore music
- positive mental attitude (PMA y'all)
- a truly charismatic frontman, Toby Morse

Toby Morse: an energetic dude on and off stage!

Yeah... when I was a young buck getting into hardcore, I was convinced punk and hardcore were 2 DIFFERENT scenes. It was bands like H20 that showed me the two scenes are one and the same. Just like with the drinkers  and the straight edge kids in the scene: we're all in this together. H20 as a band just prove this. So just dig into this melodic NYHC and let the good times roll! Ladies and gentlemen, from New York city, bringing you the message of Unity, H20!!!

Toby's always looking out for the kids :)

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