Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 shows tonight: Endsight NEW CD Release Party //// Berney's Propaganda

There were dark times when hardcore and punk shows were a rarity in Athens, Greece. Especially Sundays were the deadest of the dead when it came to live shows, which surely sucked. It seems that all that is in the past, as Sundays have turned to templates for hardcore underground mayhem. Take tonight for instance, you got TWO different shows you can go to, so it comes down to the point that you have to choose:

First up, we got ENDSIGHT's record release show & party (Roi Mat club, Solomou 11, Exarchia). The guys will play material from their upcoming album, entitled ...To A Falling World. The show is free. Also, the band will have loads of merch on sale, like the new CD as well as t-shirts etc. After the show there will be a party where I assume the new album will be played on top level! What to expect? A healthy dose of chaotic metal meets punk via Scandi-Tragedy-screamo soundscapes!
If you're not up for too much HC punk intensity for your Sunday evening, there is a punkier alternative for ya. Berney's Propaganda from Macedonia will deliver huge amounts of coolness at Katarameno Syndromo with their arty new-wave punk. Maybe not so extreme, but these guys know what they're doing with their savvy approach which incorporates Fugazi's noisy dischord guitars with a new wave, electro-pop sound. Do you like bicycles, flowers and an accessible punk sound from a DIY mindframe? This one's for you. Show starts at 8pm. 

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