Thursday, April 15, 2010

WAR OF AGES - "Eternal" (2010)

Genre: Christian/Metalcore
Label: Facedown Records

What is going on here? This is some different shit. It’s like a band has managed to mix 80s metal with metalcore. And when I say 80s metal I mean Iron Maiden or Quiet Riot or something. In fact this is very, very melodic and filled with guitar leads, double guitar harmonies etc that remind of the good metal that my friends listened to back in high-school. This is not what I review or listen to every day, but War Of Ages manage to pull it off just fine and leave a positive impression!

Sorry for calling this album out on its metal-ness and having to get the anti-metal demon out of me. Now I can talk about the positive things which truly dominate this record. It has been very well produced at Lambesis Studios (a certificate for current production standards), so you know it has a good, wide sound. There is some exceptional guitar work on this album, and overall it has very good musicians. They can all play their instruments and the drummer uses the double pedal in a very satisfactory manner! 

The vocals are a whole different story. There are two main types: one is the sung parts that usually go in the chorus and the other is the death metal ones which are spot-on and take up most of of the vocals overall. But what I liked most about the vocals are some spoken parts (in a typical hardcore tradition), where the singer just lets something out like thinking aloud in frustration. Yes! Now these guys get the extra point! And the fact they are an outspoken Christian band shows the fact that they got ballz.

I personally like my hardcore with a spiritual touch (it's not all about hate and fat guys with tattoos). And even if this record is way more metal than hardcore, it doesn't matter cause it's good and catchy and heavy. 

For fans of: Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Christian Metal&Hardcore

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