Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VITAMIN X - Live Saturday 24 April 2010

If there ever was a time that hardcore music was about FUN, there still is one band that holds true to this value. And of course that's no other than Holland's Vitamin X! The band owns an infamous status not only in the straight edge scene in which they wholesomely belong, but also in hardcore and punk in general. They stand out from the thousands of bands out there because they are one of the few who can keep it positive, carefree, true--any good word you could pin on hardcore music fits for Vitamin X. This Saturday, live in Athens motherfuckin city:

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World's Appreciated Kitsch, the well-known Greek hardcore label of similar insights and value with the above-mentioned band, is the one who sets up the show. In that way, you know it's all DIY and true, with a love for this music and not the $$$ or the fame.

So what should we expect to hear this Saturday on the music side? Well, nothing more than fast hardcore with a strong 80s flavor and many thrash elements! A few years back when fastcore and fast thrash were at the forefront of what was popular, Vit X were pioneering this particular sound. Throw in some crazy 70s hard rock influences and 'stoner' Black Sabbath riffage (just for the groove y'all) and you get the picture. 

With Vitamin X, the Greek supporting acts are: Slavebreed (grindcore/crust), Human Battle (UK82 punk), and personal favorites Faithreat (fast thrash-core).

p.s. Coming to think of it, maybe we should do a re-print of the 2006 Vitamin X from Take Your Shot fanzine #2... How about that!?

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