Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Oppressed live - Saurday 13th March 2010

A bit outside usual TYS standards, I found this flyer while getting tickets for the Madball show today and I thought I'd post it here:  

The Oppressed is not your typical streetpunk/Oi! band and it's an honor to list this show here. They've got a long and consistent history behind them, combined with a strong stand against racism and BS politics! This has earned them a dedicated Greek audience which will pack venues every time they play in this country. The show organiser is SUC, a Greek label that promotes all good things punk, ska and Oi! since 2003. So here they are, ladies and gentlemen, from Whales, the legendary Oppressed! With them, well-known streetpunk band Bootstroke, and Jungle fever. 

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