Saturday, March 27, 2010

DESPITE EVERYTHING live @ Katarameno Syndromo 27/4/2010!

Yes yes yes! It's time for a REAL punk show! 
Being a bit of a hardcore close-minded fool, I don't really and absolutely know how describe the sound of Greece's Despite Everything, apart from the fact that they play anthemic punk rock with a ruff edge. They're pretty melodic but at the same time they shout like madmen, so these guys rock pretty hard. Maybe like, um... Leatherface? Anyways, Despite Everything have been on the road for a whole month touring Eastern Europe. That's not bad at all for a Greek band!!! And tonight, they're coming back to their (and ours) hometown of Athens to play the last show of the tour. It's more like a big party as they're celebrating their double release, as well as the close of the tour. The supporting acts are Italy's melodic teenage punk rockers Spankies, and local young but mighty post-hardcore kids Ruined Families.

P.S. 30/3/20010: Apologies to Mike from KS, the live wasn't free as I thought (nor is any other live there) AND Katarameno Syndromo IS NOT a squat. Sorry Mike!

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