Thursday, March 25, 2010

N.Y.H.C. old school documentary!!!

The Internet can be an amazing thing. I found this old documentary, simply entitled 'N.Y.H.C.'. I just can't believe that all this time I wasn't aware that this thing existed out there! It has interviews with EVERYONE from the mid-90s NY hardcore scene (it was made in 1996) and I gotta say that I found it extremely interesting (why else would I post it here?)! You get to watch interviews with a 19-year-old Freddy Madball, Lord Ezec from when he was playing in Crown of Thornz (!), Jimmy G of Murphys Law, a really young Rick Ta Life and even a Krishnacore related bit with 108. We posted the official trailer of this old school documentary, but I strongly suggest you hit youtube and watch the entire thing. NYHC rules!

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