Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things to do to brighten up a rainy Sunday!

Yup, so the weather is like baaad here in Athens today, but we're not going to let that bother us. With all the good things coming up on the music side, there is just no time to sit and lament, just to discover cool music. We got the Madball and Terror show next week, which should absolutely rule (we'll upload a listing with info on that tomorrow or something), and right after that  we got Shai Hulud and Vitamin X down the line. Like we said before, this is possibly the most busy spring time ever in Greece in relation to hardcore! 

OK, so here are some things I'd like to suggest to check out from the random web-surfing I did today. 


First of all, I definitely recommend to check out last week's Maximum Rock N Roll's radio show here: MRR Radio #1181 • 2/27/10, it's a pretty good selection of songs with the usual international punk and garagey stuff, some street/Oi and some fast as fuck bands in the mix. Most of all I liked Rotten Ron's    "Hardcore Tattooed on Your Knuckles" session. The thing is that different people are playing the stuff they like and they change every 5 songs or so, therefore it can't get boring. And after all, it's always a must to check back with the classic punk institution that MRR is, and learn what's going on in the HC punk world, see what you missed and even remember some cool bands that you kind of forgot in the midst of all this information overload. So while you're at it, bookmark these guys and check their show every week.


Microcosm Publishing is one of my favorite labels in the punk world. They started out as a zine distribution label, but now they've evolved into a fully functioning publishing house and distributor of all things good and punk (books, zines, stickers, patches, audio books, shirts, videos and other stuff). They even got a proper store in their hometown of Bloomington, IN. Microcosm is all about DIY, self empowerment,  bikes and green stuff. These guys and girls are doing their thing in a more indie than indie way. Their site is a resource that can keep you busy for hours, too. Hafta check 'em out!


Since today we kinda moved a little from our usual downright hardcore stuff to a little more punk territory, I guessed the band I'll talk about should be in accordance with the above stuff. Therefore, as today I was wandering what the band Latterman is doing and if they're still making records, I'll write about them. If you don't know them, Latterman was (they did break up) a melodic punk band with shouted vocals and positive lyrics, that for some reason I think goes down good with most hardcore fans. They really did it simple and clever, and they conveyed a real 'from the heart' message, and that's why people loved them so much. We're talking about some dedicated fans here! For me, Latterman will be remembered for their cool album covers and funny album titles like None of These Songs Are About Girls (2000), Turn Up the Punk, We'll Be Singing (2002) and No Matter Where We Go...! (2006). Reunion!?

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