Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shai HULUD live show-Monday 22 March 2010

Yes! If I want to listen to some progressive hardcore with a strong christian/straight edge philosophy, then Shai Hulud is the band. To begin with, I totally dig the name. And they've been around for like 100 years and they've been evolving ever since. This is the intelligent side of hardcore, and don't say there isn't one. As much as we like to mosh and stage dive, we like to think and expand our musical horizons. So yeah... this Monday, let's all go watch the pioneers of progressive metalcore, Shai Hulud: a different hardcore show, outside the mosh and modern post-core standards!

The organizers of the show are once again World's Appreciated Kitsch. These guys are putting on one good show after the other. In addition, some exceptional Greek bands are supporting Shai Hulud. Tardive Dyskinesia will make our ears bleed again with their mathcore/technical death metal-core meets sludge, while Eternal Hated will make a live showcase of their new record (which I can't wait to buy and listen to). The show will open around 21.00 with Disco Queen, a new band in the chaotic metalcore department, with the coolest band name around. See y'all there!

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