Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Madball & Terror live show - 14 March 2010

Well, if there are hardcore shows that don't need an introduction, I guess this should be it:

Hell yeah! When I was growing up and got into hardcore, Madball was the biggest and coolest band around. 'Kings of New York' and stuff. I remember buying Demonstrating My Style and then sitting with a friend on a sidewalk,  checking the photos and being kind of shocked at the DMS tattoo on Hoya's lips! I also remember when they played Athens for the first time (I can't remember the year, possibly 2000 or 2001), there were people who had traveled all the way from Bulgaria to see them as it was their last show before their break up!!! Not much has changed about their approach since then (musically or stylistically). I know they have been getting some type of shit for being 'tough guy' or 'thug' and whatever, but that's just because the scene has become so PC these days. I honestly think that Madball is a band that's full of energy,  keeping it real for some 20 years now without becoming 'mature'. NYHC!

A classic Madball pic - East Coast

As for Terror, they must be the best possible combination, I mean what a warm-up! And it's not even going to be a warm up, I think if anything they will leave people drained. Energetic hateful hardcore from some guys who know what they're doing.  OK I'll stop here cause I feel like an idiot saying things you already know! Just be there and have fun (and save some money during the week so you can buy merch)! Rules are rules and fools are fools, I never cared for none of those

A not so classic Terror pic - West Coast

I just want to give a big props to Hard Times for organizing this show, because around here we rarely get to see 2 big hardcore bands on one show for the price of 1!  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hardcore in Greece is better now than it ever was. Keep supporting!

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