Monday, February 14, 2011

Hanneman goes down with spider bite!

Slayer, hardcore kids' (and possibly the world's) favorite metal band, will have to play a few shows without legendary guitarist Jeff Hanneman. The uber influential  foudning member of all time thrash kings is at home, recuperating from a hand infection that doctors say possibly came from a spider bite!

Slayer announced that they will continue touring with a - yet to be announced - session guitarist, as they do not want to let fans down by canceling any shows. Last year, Slayer's Tom Araya went into surgery for his severe back problems, resulting in several canceled shows. This is something that they won't let happen again; Slayer confirmed that Hanneman is on board with that decision and will be back for more insane shredding after he has fully recovered.

Hanneman: Fuck Spiders

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