Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Safari Black - Straight Up Vegan Hip Hop

In our search to find and document the best in awesome, thought-provoking staight edge and vegan hip hop, we stumble upon all kinds of interesting stuff circulating out there in the underground. Safari-Black is a super cool hip hop artist taking the animal rights cause to a whole new level, by mixing high-quality, intelligent raps with extra tight, modern hip hop music.

An outspoken animal rights activist and a member of the Vegan Hip Hop Movement, Safari Black does not forget to keep things entertaining (it's music after all). He manages to provide some real awesome hip hop to groove along to, while getting a healthy inflow of funky, compassionate & thoughful  messages. We strongly recommend to go and check his mixtape The Art of Love at bandcamp if you're up for some extra-chill, NY flavored hip hop in the vein of 2nd generation Wu Tan, Dead Prez, Masta Killa etc. Moreover, Safari Black showcases the latest  and best from that new wave hip hop sound, by adding  crazy samples and aural landscapes that will get your extra-terrestrial avatar in motion.

Safari Black is a busy man doing cool stuff for a good cause. Aside from making music, you will find his vegan episodes on youtube (vegan pizza recipes and all), as well as promoting all that is cool and compassiontate in the world of hip hop through his website So forget all that crappy, commercial hip hop and connect with the real urban underground!

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