Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Assorted Fast Reviews - February 2011/#1

OK, so due to the amount of stuff we have waiting to be reviewed, we've decided to throw a quick-piece of reviews for some of the records that deserve a mention and get a lot of luv here at TYS HQ. We'll try to be brief, but accurately descriptive at the same time. Let's go!

Bandage - self titled ep
We'll start things off with Bandage, an ultra-tight punk rock band from Athens, Greece. Punk rock with a distinct 90s Fat Wreck/Epitaph flavor is what Bandage specialize at, and they do it well. The 3-piece brings back the memory of fast 'melody-core' drums, with speedy guitars, rolling bass lines and catchy vocals. If you dig the original whiney punk rock of Pulley, Ten Foot Pole and NOFX, then this is for you. 6 songs of self-released happy melodic punk with excellent guitar work standing out. Did just I say 'happy'? Maybe I'm wrong; there's a definite bittersweet and melancholic feeling lurking in the background of these tunes [8/10].

Attrito - 'Indotto A Camminare'
Attrito come from Italy and play a style of raucous hardcore/punk that many will love, if they can deal with the singing in Italian. Attrito deliver 8 songs of furious Italian punk for Maximum RNR lovers, in a neatly designed gatefold CD case. The music is fast and furious, the vocals are screamed in your face (spitting included) and there are some extra post-metal elements that positively surprise and elevate the overall outcome. There are explanations of the clever socio-political lyrics in English, so you can know what's up in these songs. This is quality modern punk for skaters, hardcore kids, metalheads and squat punks alike [7/10].

Out Of Step - 'Sometimes Posi'
If you like no frills, feverish straight edge hardcore, then you should get into some Out Of Step. These Dutch guys have been around for a few years, releasing nothing but straight ahead sXe mosh music. Not too fast and not metal, but quite heavy and ultra-sold school, Out Of Step knows how to create real hardcore in the vein of Slapshot, Floorpunch and all of that sweet youth crew stuff - but with a harder edge. OOS have a clear in your face approach throughout their whole act, which makes them even more memorable. They might piss off some people, but they will psyche just as many kids. This is real deal even if not it's not that innovative [8/10]!

My Own Voice - 'A Perpetual State of Revolution'
MOV is another Italian band, but these guys are closer to that harder, moshy and metallic side of hardcore. Combining 90s hardcore with a strong metal (but not beatdown!) influence, they deliver the goodies through 14 songs of political, socially minded European hardcore. You can tell a great amount of work has been put into this album, from the perfect crunchy production to the artwork, the song interludes and the explanations/book quotes etc in-between songs. We could call this 'intellectual hardcore', but it still has a lot of guts and an ever-existing street spirit. You might need a few listens until this vast multitude of music, lyrics and ideas actually grow on you - work on the album and it will pay you back in return [7/10].

Desinence Mortification/Giht Shasie - Split
Wow... Last but not least, we also have some insane grindcore from Croatia. I think I haven't reviewed any grind bands since 07 or something. DM plays straight forward grindcore not unlike fellow countrymen (and grind legends) Patareni and even early Napalm Death. Just sloppy, intense punky grind for you, baby! God Almighty if I can classify what Giht Shasie play; let's settle for electronic experimental grindcore. This is some hard-to-listen stuff, holmes. Here are some 40 minutes of industrial grind in recorded, live and remixed forms. Try to see if you can take it and if you can, well go to Hyperion Records and get into some more extreme grind madness [6/10]!

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