Friday, February 18, 2011

Truth Of My Youth - 'Farside EP' Review

Today we are happy to present and review Farside by Truth Of My Youth, an exceptional new band with a very refreshing and crucial 'core to deliver in today's scene. The band has formed its own brand of melodic hardcore/pop punk which is so tuneful and inspiring that it truly stands out from the millions of poppy hardcore/easy-core fad bands out there. They have a sense of urgency in their sound that really makes you wanna go out and live life like it's your last day. Let's go!

TOMY is from Maine/US, and this is their 1st EP. They play 6 songs of upbeat hardcore with melancholic pop punk sensibilities in the vein of Lifetime, Dag Nasty, Good Riddance and - of course - early New Found Glory (the band's name is also a NFG album title). You won't find any songs with metalcore beatdowns here; just real punk rock music played fast and with a 'heart on the sleeve' hardcore-spirited approach. The production sound is also kind of different, as it is a bit rougher and not so polished compared to most of the stuff that's generally on display in the music world today.

I don't know so much about this band. But if I was at the party and this played, I would surely go and ask what it is. Listening to TOMY creates a strange blend of feelings... like hope with nostalgia and restlessness all mixed together. This band should really be big in a couple of years. They've got what it takes. If you're up for some real modern punk music, go and check 'em out! You can listen to the whole Farside EP at bandcamp:

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