Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rick Ta Life & Comin Correct - Making of 'Secret Society'

NYHC King Rick Ta Life is back on the trenches of hardcore again, recording a new album for legendary, much loved side project Comin Correct. The NY Hardcore icon doesn't seem to slow down after last year's 'S.I.B' album with 25 Ta Life (read the TYS review  here), or the personal and health problems he's gone through during the last couple of years.

In true hardcore tradition, Rick Ta Life is moving on straight ahead, creating his trademark positively minded heavy hardcore - a style he's created an maintained since the early 90s. So if you've been wondering what Rick Ta Life's been up to and how come you haven't heard a lot about this crazy-busy, crazy-creative hardcore personality, check out the following video and get a pre-taste of the new Comin Correct album. You'll see that apart from a few extra tattoos and a few extra lbs, Rick Ta Life is still out there doing what he knows best: creating some of the best underground hardcore for us all!!!

Update 29/122012: check out the new, official Comin Correct page on FB!


  1. It makes me wanna puke....and you learn about HCPUNK before you write for CC and 25ta life as "the best underground hardcore"!!!

  2. Wrong guy to be reppin HC anywhere... Fahkin cock..

  3. ahhaawow i know rtl and ya he has a sorrid past dont we all we all done stuff but at least if you gunna go on her en dis the guy have the balls to sign ya name . aint no shame in my game jazen 1