Thursday, November 25, 2010

Video Teaser of the New ST

Check out the new ST circa 2010! The band redid some of the best songs from two legendary 80s records (Join the Army and No Mercy Fool!). The outcome is some crazy, overhyped punk hardcore with awesome musicianship from truly excellent players and, of course, Mike Muir's trademark vocals. Top it up with a great production sound and awesome artwork, and you got SxTx 2010. Here is the promotional video from the band's official website:
Yep... this is the state of the cyco in 2010. Can you dig? Suicidal Tendencies stood out and paved the way since 1983 with their first, self titled album and haven't looked back ever since. Through controversy, fame, obscurity and now becoming legends in their own right, these guys have done it all. I am in a bit of a trance right now as I just got the new album and I am in the process of just getting crazy with it, but we should have a record review up soon. Until then, enjoy!

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