Sunday, November 21, 2010

Homerun - Demo Review (2010, self-released)

I am very glad to see that the spirit of youthcrew hardcore is alive and kicking in SE Asia. Kids from this particular part of the world tend to go against the trends, or even better, create their own trends and support styles of hardcore that aren't so popular any more (at least in Europe and the US).  Bands like Homerun from Malaysia prove the abovementioned point with some proper '88 youthcrew!

These young fellas have released a demo that all fans of fast straight edge hardcore should get into. Homerun goes straight to the point, with a raw, almost sloppy sound (like youth crew used to be!) and positive lyrics about the scene, thinking straight and staying drug free. The bass is high in the mix, so are the thundering drum rolls that land on your head in the many breaks and mosh/sing along parts. In other words, this is proper old-school youth crew (maybe like a mix between Chain Of Strength and Insted), and less neo-youth crew (i.e. early Comeback Kid, or Champion). By now you should probably know if this is your thing or not!

Homerun goes out all positive and old-school!

I don't have many other things to say about Homerun cause the band really speaks for itself. They preserve a form of hardcore that has been somewhat lost back in time. They are all about sticking to the basics and promoting a positive message with lots of energy and passion. Things like that definitely get thumbs up here in TYS!!! I give it a [7/10].

p.s. Another thing I should mention is that the band offers their demo for free downloading through their myspace: Enjoy the songs, youthcrew go!

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