Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hardcore Personalities - Bobby Blood

Hey everybody!

Today we're doing another 'hardcore personalities' feature, and it is truly our honor to present Bobby Blood. This dude is one of the biggest but also more active hardcore personalities of our times, so it's definitely cool to have him on this blog.

Anyways, Bobby Blood has not only drummed for Merauder; he is not only the founder and guitarist of the great old school HC band Cold Existence. he is not only a prominent vegan straightedge figure,  and a spokesperson for PETA (going against the 'thug' mentality that dominates heavy hardcore); he is also a rising filmmaker of short films (mainly horror) and documentaries. A multi-talented personality to say the least, this is Bobby Blood!

A bit of an all-around musician, Bobby has drummed in many well-known bands in hardcore and metal, from the aforementioned Merauder to First Blood, Six Feet Under, Crematorium and North Side Kings.When he's nopt busy touring with those bands, he writes riffs for the heavy old school outfit Cold Existence. These guys keep the true NYHC spirit alive, with  lyrics about respect and life in the streets to match their heavy sounds. Here's a taste if you don't believe, the video for the song Fueled By Hate.

I mentioned above that Cold Existence and Bobby Blood are kind of 'street-smart'. In many cases people sneer at the possibility of a musician (let alone a filmmaker) being related to outlaw activities. However, Bobby Blood is one of those rare true examples. He seems to be one of those people whose life-experiences have to show of both good and bad. From earning medals in the U.S. army ,to serving time in prison for weapons and assaulting police officers charges, to propagating animal rights and proudly wearing the Xs, Bobby Blood has done it all.

Bobby Blood's personality has shone the most through the great music he's written and performed. At the end of the day, people are always better off when expressing themselves through something genuine and positive such as music; it is great to see that hardcore music has been that driving force behind people like Bobby Blood and the rest of the hardcore personalities we try to document on this blog. 

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