Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Blood - 'Silence is Betrayal' (2010) Review

Wow. Well this is the record all the politically minded straight edge and vegan kids have been waiting for. Now their anticipation is finally rewarded with some heavy as fuck metallic hardcore!  Here is a relatively young band (only 1 full length behind them) that has already become somewhat legendary with their intense political vegan straight edge message. They are back stronger and angrier than ever before. Let's see why.

We could say that First Blood carry on what Earth Crisis have been doing since the early 90s, that is spread a revolutionary sXe message through riff based, punishing heavy hardcore. FB is in away the modern version of EC, vegan straight edge for the new millenium. Now I say modern, but this record is as old school as it gets. Think of 90s metal hardcore but filled with crazy beatdown that would even make Jamey Jasta feel jealous. Throw in a big NYHC/Madball influence and some sing-along parts, and you get the whole First Blood picture. This record has been thoroughly worked upon and is also very well-produced. It can definitely turn many metal kids or whatever to hardcore and its whole positive message. It's the type of shit that can draw fans from outside hardcore and show them what it's all about.

First Blood: gettin' bigger & angrier

As you'd expect, there is great importance placed on the lyrics here. It would be good if you can sit down with the lyrics and listen to the album like that. You'll definitely get more out of it like that, and then the merciless double bass drumming, the death-core riffs and the beatdowns will take up even more life within your shocked subconscious level.

Yeah.. this is overly political, overly incediary, overly heavy, just how we like it. I think that First Blood will be remembered in the years to come for this record. Silence is Betrayal. Setting up the challenge as one of the best hardcore albums for 2010? Quite likely!

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