Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Locals Only Punk Rock Show - Thu 25 Nov 2010

While TYS is and always will remain a zine devoted to hardcore music and lifestyle, we always like to pledge our allegiance to solid good punk rock! Melodic punk/hc has always been a fave here at TYS, when we feel like winding down a little bit; therefore, we are happy to present shows like this:
To me, good punk rock has always carried the message of youth and rebellion. In heartless times like the ones we're going through, I guess we really need to remind ourselves of this lost message. No worries, just straight on punk rock, hardcore and ska-core! The best remedy for all your troubles.

So the bands on the bill are also a bit of an unusual and interesting combination. We got the technical Strung Out/Propaghandi Fat Wreck style of Another One Falls, and the 7-piece ska-core of Bad Bid. We also got the mid tempo melodic punk of Lost Meanings (a band I also happen to play bass for :P) and the all school punk of Toxica Apovlita, a band with a legendary status and a long history behind them.

This show is hosted by WAK Records, the hardcore label that supports good punk rock and justifies the connection between hardcore and punk rock that we talked about above. Anchors Aweigh!

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