Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moment of Clarity - 'Learn! Inform! Evolve!' Review (self released)

I really didn't know what to expect from a band with a name like Moment of Clarity (great name by the way*) when they got in touch.  Nevertheless I was lucky, cause from the first to the last song I was dealt with some fierce brutal hardcore like it used to be! Great!

MOC do not play too fast, but they do play really heavy and groovy. They really mix hip hop beats with NYHC but this doesn't sound like beatdown, it is a style of their own that is closer to 90s hardcore metal. The songs are short (around 2 minutes or less), with no guitar solos, just mosh and go! The vocals are heavy growled but some nice spoken/rapped parts are also thrown in (about family, pride and integrity). These parts stand out and make the band sound even more hip hop. You'd naturally expect that this band goes out thug, but they don't; they have a minimal approach to everything, and give out a dark and mysterious feeling like In Cold Blood, Ringworm, Integrity etc. An interesting mix of street & dark attitudes!

If I didn't know the background of this band I'd probably say they are from the US. The production sound is nice and clear, and the singer's pronunciation of English is right on. Nevertheless, MOC hails from Belgrade, Serbia. Yet another Balkan band that unrepentantly moshes, tears and destroys all in its path!

Down for the core & more from Moment of Clarity!

With bands like Moment of Clarity, this part of Eastern Europe rightfully puts its foot on the map and deserves a nomination as kings of heavy hardcore/beatdown. They got the brutality, the technical skills and persevere the true hardcore spirit, so what else do you need when it comes to this style?


*not to be confused with the South African epic metal band that goes under the same name!

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