Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey everyone, welcome to this special post we prepared about the this year's Unleashed Hell InFest! Yeah... we waited quite a bit for this, but the time is here and we are definitely ready for some action. It's been a pretty hardcore-less summer so far, no gigs, just a few parties and DJ sets, so I guess the kids will be hungry for moshing tomorrow evening.... and that's the way it should be!
So I'm gonna start from the way up and Sick Of It All. ALong with Agnostic Front, could they possibly be the most legendary -still active- hardcore band? Perhaps. What I know for sure is that these guys are real torch bearers, I mean in the early 90s they were putting out good hardcore records in a period that hardcore was not that popular at all, and in a sense they kept it alive commercially. So that's really important. I have personally seen SOIA live twice, one time was in the UK and the other one was here, in Athens, 4 or something years ago. I have good memories from both shows, the one in Athens being a bit more special. These guys carry some real strong positive vibes with them, and they definitely pass them on to the audience. I mean, how many times have you heard a hardcore frontman asking the audieance to... 'SMILE'? Yeah--these guys have been showing for almost 25 years that you can be a hardcore kid, have your fun, mosh, and at the same time take a political and social stance, be a positive individual... In other words, they embody all the core values that to me seem essential in HC. Plus they have Armand Majidi, a powerhouse drummer who must be one of the best ones in HC. Here's an awesome video with live footage and an interview with guitarist and legend in his own right P.Koller.

OK so the second biggest band on the bill is Walls of Jericho. It's not everyday you see HC bands play Slayeric hardcore and be fronted by girls, and Candace must be the perfect icon to inspire ladies in the scene to be more active and participate in hardcore. For me what's more important is that she (and the rest of the band of course) is doing a great job at it, very good extreme vocals and an awesome scene presence. I mean when you see WOJ you know you will get an energetic performance and not some watered-down shit, that's for sure! Seeing them on a previous Unleashed Hell Infest (was it 2004 or something?) was a very cool experience, and a bit of a shock as it was the heaviest, most extreme and metallic band I've seen on a HC fest! This is an older video which gives a little bit of a taste of what's about to follow tomorrow when WOJ hit the stage!

And now we got Evergreen Terrace, a band that a lot of new kids seem to be die-hard fans of. To be absolutely honest I didn't know many things about them, just that these guys played technical metal-core and that they were replacing Earth Crisis (which was obviously a huge letdown). Evergreen Terrace is going for the whole heavy metal influences and epic guitar solos thing, melodic catchy choruses and the like... Really not my stuff (maybe I need to get used to it and it would grow on me), but  they seem like fun energetic dudes and at the end of the day we can't have it all as fans. Different hardcore fans like different stuff, so if a band like Evergreen Terrace is going to draw a good and mixed crowd, then why not? I presume that the younger kids who will show up for ET, will see Sick Of It All and be inspired for life by the realness! I guess this is kind of like it happened for most of us? But anyways--check out this fun ET video about moshing!

The supporting acts are Me & Mark (an Evergreen Terrace project from what I've heard), Senseless (HC from Salonica) and Go Ask Alice (5-piece Athenian metalcore). In any case, come out and support the show yall! It is one of the last we will get for this summer! 

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